Thursday, May 01, 2014

May Day! Bad Urban Design

For the Renoites out there you know exactly where this is.  Luckily there are plans being made to make the intersection between Keystone and California Ave., and this hilly stretch up to "the shire" safer for all users.  I'm imagining this woman decided to ride down to the Earth Day celebration this past Sunday and on her way home was confronted with a hill she wasn't ready to tackle, on a street not designed to give her any real space should she need to walk up it.  Or maybe she just has a flat.  Regardless, not safe and not acceptable.


Cuter Commuter said...

GREAT shot!! I cringe at the thought of the position the woman is in. I cannot imagine if I were a mom pushing a stroller or someone bound to a wheelchair!

Quinn McLaughlin said...

although an odd design, with that oddly placed uphill light, I say take out the sidewalk all together to keep pedestrians off it, or the situation pictured from happening, if you do not have the ability as a cyclist, Don't be on it, use Google maps to plan a new route.

then have NDOT create a MUP from the empty lot on Marsh over California down to the empty lot between the 7-11 and the courthouse.

Reno Rambler said...

Well, there's a lot of assumptions being made about what happened here and we'll never truly know. I agree the sidewalk serves no purpose in that spot. But perhaps it's a bit presumptuous to assume somebody has a smartphone to check google maps (which are not always accurate). The closest pedestrian route around that is the steps behind the 7/11 which would be tough to carry the bike up. Plus, many people don't even know they exist. Since I took the pic early afternoon on Earth Day coming from Idlewild where the big celebration was happening my best guess that she decided to ride her bike from there and got in over her head. That happens to all cyclists at some point, especially in unfamiliar territory, touring situations, etc. Who knows for sure what happened here but I'm going to cut the cyclist some slack and assume she took the only option she knew to take. The good news is this has been on the RTCs radar for years and a redesign will happen but it is a HUGE project so we'll have to be patient.