Thursday, April 24, 2014

Vintage Bicycle to Work Week?

The British Pathe have made their thousands of history videos available for free on youtube and this is a choice selection from 1923 of the "National Bicycle Week" event that took place in Hyde Park.  It seems that no matter what era you are in, bicyclists want to celebrate the wonders of the most efficient form of transportation known to humans.  Is your bike ready to ride during Bike to Work, School, and Fun week (May 10 - 16)?

There are thousands of films worth perusing at the above link.


Cuter Commuter said...

That's a really cool video :-) and the traffic of riders is something I would like to see this coming year!

Randy Golden said...

Cool bike to work picture. If you're thinking about taking part in it this year, the Pedals for Professionals contest is offering a prize of $5000 in cycling gear: