Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pope Francis Endorses Biking

I'm not particularly religious at all but I can't help but be thrilled with some of the statements coming from Pope Francis over the last few months.  None more personal than this speech where he touted bicycling.  I appreciate his emphasis on living a more simple life and bicycling being a part of that equation.


Some of the greatest dangers standing in the way of a happy religious life are materialism and a culture that believes nothing is forever, he said. The Pontiff went on to say that religious men and women have to avoid the temptation of thinking “the latest smartphone, the fastest moped and a car that turns heads” will make them happy.

Pope Francis revealed that it pains him when he sees a nun or priest driving an expensive car, and he praised the beauty of the bicycle, noting his 54-year-old personal secretary, Msgr Alfred Xuereb, gets around on a bike.

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Just like Fr. Brown.