Sunday, April 27, 2014

Earth Day Equals Dirt Day

Persons in this fuzzy photo are actually much happier than they appear.
So technically it is not earth day but Reno is celebrating today so I did to.  Actually, I would have ridden anyway.  And considering I received my bib number for the Tour of California "Death Ride" I was extra motivated.  I did manage to get some dirt in on my Gunnar Sport as well and ended up having a Jack Rabbit scare the bejeezus out of me and then happened on a herd of wild horses.  A blustery but beautiful day in the saddle in northern Nevada.


Cuter Commuter said...

Wow - that death ride is gnarly!! Those are nice photos you posted. Is that by Pyramid Lake...?

I rode in the blistery cold too! To a Women's Bike to Brunch at Brewer's Cabinet. But I didn't get to go to the Earth's Day celebration at Idlewild Park because I had to chase down my lost cell phone. Fortunately my husband found it!

Reno Rambler said...

The DR is something of a rite of passage around here. Which means you should do it!

The Earth Day ride was up and behind rattlesnake hill and connecting to the Damonte Ranch area. I love how quickly you can get to a "rural" area from my door.

I hope the Bike Brunch went well. I heard it was happening. A good day for it even with the blustery spring weather.

Cuter Commuter said...

Okay I will really have to work up do doing those miles and climbs again (I have never been much of a climber) so I can do the DR once in my life ... and may be my last event LOL!!

One of the neat things about Reno-Sparks is how quickly we can get away from development. I need a mountain bike so I can explore the hills behind N. D'Andrea. I went on a joy ride once and I think that's where I got so many good heads in my tires which haunted me for a week!!

The Bike to Brunch went well, thanks A. I thought blistery because it was cold enough to cause blisters but I have learned something new!!