Sunday, February 03, 2013

Tristen is Back!

I've been waiting impatiently for word of the new Tristen album since seeing her perform some of her new material last summer in Davis, CA.  With her Kickstarter campaign in full swing to support the release of the album, Caves, on her own label, I know it won't be long now.  The first single, No One's Gonna Know, is what you'd expect from her.  An immediately catchy pop song that the crowd immediately responded to when she played it live last July.

Info and samples of music are embedded below.  It's funny, after contributing to the Kickstarter campaign it felt a little odd to know I have will have the opportunity to meet the band and see the soundcheck before the show.  I adore her music but think trying to somehow break that distance between fan and artist is just weird and awkward.  I could have easily chatted with her in Davis when she was hanging out at the bar or selling her tour gear but why?

I just read a new interview from E of [the] Eels who said he hated the whole "fans as shareholders" thing (read Kickstarter) because he doesn't want to feel like he owes anything to fans of his music or that he is somehow friends with people because they kicked in some money for his music.  I guess financially he is a position to have that attitude.  But the musical landscape for artists starting out is a bit different now although I understand his sentiment.  I'm content to enjoy the music and support artists I love when I can.  I'm looking forward to seeing Tristen perform when she makes it out to the west coast sometime (hopefully) soon.

Don't forget to pitch in to Tristen's Kickstarter campaign so she can release her record on her own label, Pupsnake Records.

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