Monday, February 04, 2013

These Don't Fall Into Your Lap Too Often

I got a message from Coot over at BuzzBomb Bicycles (Check out the Bob Jackson on their site!) about a 3fer of Bridgestone Mountain Bikes he had acquired.  I popped by to find a couple of pristine looking bikes from the early 90s hey day of mountain biking and Bridgestone Bicycles.  Granted one of them was an MB-6 and though nicely maintained, isn't exactly the jewel of the line.  But leaning against a tree was a 1991 bstone MB-1 and a 1989 MB-2.   Both had a few superficial scuffs on them but were largely pristine and almost completely stock except for the grips, pedals, and saddles.  Not a lot of these were made and to find them in this condition was a nice surprise.

Luckily years ago I had forwarded my digitized copies of various Bridgestone catalogs and reviews over to Sheldon Brown and Coot and I were able to do some research on the spot with my iPad to confirm the year/models and double check the components.  Finding a nice lugged steel mountain bike in this kind of shape is one of those lucky breaks that I'm not going to question.  Now we just need to find a good home for them.

Nice crank on the MB-1

A nice utilitarian, if low level, MB-6



cyclotourist said...

I had a '93 MB-6 as pictured and ride it for many years. It probably had more miles put on it than my much loved MB-2!

Reno Rambler said...

Yeah, the MB-6 is a perfectly serviceable ride. No one would want to have it shipped though since it would cost about as much as the bike.

virag said...

that mb-2 paint job is so nice. a classic. those flexy old bridgestone mountain bikes are lots of fun in the woods; the geometry is deadly, though, and they were cutting edge at the time!

Reno Rambler said...

Funny, I always felt like my mb-2 was the best handling mtn bike I ever owned. And not overly flexy. Granted in my size, a 16, might not flex as much as a bigger frame. For trails in the midwest where I used to live those unsuspended bikes were a perfect ride.

Anonymous said...

I Owned a `92 Bridgestone MB1, I loved that bike, bought it new at the old Stewart Hunt cycles that used to be on 4th street, the bike was all XC Pro and Ritchey Logic.
Allen H.

Rideon said...

Picked one up a couple days ago, looking forward to fixing it up a bit