Thursday, February 07, 2013

If I Was Greg LeMond...

...and the sole American to have won the Tour de France...and had been "nudged" out of the bicycle market, I'd be thinking pretty serious about reentering that world with a line of bicycles touting his palmares.

Roland Della Santa with a Gorgeous Lineup of Frames
I'm going to indulge a bit of fantasy here but what I would suggest is a a 3-tiered bike line that includes a nod to his glory days early in his career riding a Roland Della Santa made lugged steel flagship racing bike and a nouveau version of the same in full carbon with the top spec component kit.  And just for shits and giggles, a new version of his 'cross bike, the Poprad which I always thought was the most interesting model from his former line of bikes.

One of the nicer cyclocross bikes on the market when LeMond was still in the bicycle manufacturing game.
If I was Greg LeMond that is what I'd be thinking about anyway.


Jeff A. said...

I agree completely! I would recommend that you and anyone else go to Lemond's website and let them know. It seems they are asking for feedback on this subject. I would love to see a limited series of high end steel frames, maybe custom built by Roland Della Santa himself. That would fetch a pretty penny!
I had a LeMond frame, but sold it years ago unfortunately. I would love to see them return!
Here is the site address:

Great blog btw, I always look forward to it.

Reno Rambler said...

Thanks for reading! And, thanks for passing along that link. I hadn't thought to check the LeMond site after no more bicycles were being produced. Cheers...