Friday, January 18, 2013

Reno Tahoe Bike Summit Follow Up

It was nice to see so many bicycling enthusiasts at last night's Reno Tahoe Bicycle Summit held up at UNR's student union.  over a hundred bike advocates, race organizers, bike businesses, and non-profit organizations were present and sharing information about what they do in the hopes of creating more synergy in the community and further enhancing cycling in our region.

Organized by the Tour de Nez crew a lot of info was presented on where we've come over the last decade or so as a "Bicycle Friendly Community."  It was particularly heartening to see several organizations given shout outs for the work they've done.  Chiefly, a round of applause was much deserved for the RTC's quick but substantive presentation on the 95 miles of bike lanes added to the community, their website tools for tracking mileage, and the planning going on to create more infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians in the future.  Added bike lanes isn't the be all end all of making a city better for cyclists, but I've often felt like this type of planning work can get short shrift within some quarters of the bike community.

It was also nice to see the Nevada Bicycle Coalition ramping up its efforts with new board members being added and representation in the southern part of the state.  I'm looking forward to seeing what further legislation for cyclists might be spearheaded by the NVBC.  If you haven't joined them or their mailing list do so now so you can be in on Action Alerts when cyclists need to assert their numbers and positions.

I was excited by other interesting projects occurring in the region as well including the bike share program in the works, trail advocacy, and education programs.  A special shout out to the Academy of Arts, Careers, and Technology (my work place) for their work with kids, the in-house bike shop, and the Moonbuggy program.  I'm not integrally involved in running the shop but I continue to be impressed with the work done here to engage the students mechanical principles and fabrication via the use of bicycles.

Casey from AACT talking about the moonbuggy project and bike shop at the school

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