Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Death Ride 2013 ... WTF!

I've been considering various cycling goals for the new year and...well...somewhat foolishly signed up for the 2013 Death Ride ten years after the last time I did it.  I remember a whole lot of century rides leading up to the event to get ready and an awful lot of suffering that day.  The five passes are magnificent but the name is not just hyperbole at this point.  The year I did it in 2002 a rider went down and was airlifted out only to die a week or so later in the hospital.  Not exactly confidence inspiring.

This time around I'm thinking my prep will be a little more low key.  Perhaps some longer spring rides and then a credit card tour along the Pacific Coast.  I'm not feeling any pressure to prove anything at this point in terms of time.  Anybody who finishes the Death Ride earns my respect.

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