Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Real" Clothes for Bicyclists

I was sitting on a plane last weekend having finished my book and desperately grabbed the magazine from the seat pocket to avoid a long conversation about nothing.  I was lucky that someone had left a copy of Details magazine so I wasn't further reduced to reading the airline magazine provided to everybody.

Being happy that it was Details magazine is saying something I suppose because it is essentially a crappy men's magazine telling people what to buy if they make six figures and what celebrities to emulate.   But flipping through the pages I found an article on the rise of street clothing specifically designed to look "normal" yet with features conducive for life on a bike.  Noting that urban riding is on the rise in a popular mass market magazine like this is a good thing.  I was happily surprised to see that Levi's is offering a reasonable pair of jeans for riding.

Every day it seems like I'm finding more and more info dropped in my lap regarding bicycle style and culture and riding and it does start to feel like this is a critical mass and not just a fad in the U.S.  Here is one example and you can be the judge of whether it is practical and stylish but the fact that someone took the time to design and market this women's riding outfit is interesting in and of itself.

Here is the link for the Iva Jean  Kickstarter campaign and more photos/info.

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