Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cyclist Dies in Truckee

Not Truckee.... butdoes illustrate one of the issues common for cyclists in roundabouts.  Are cyclists supposed to teleport to get through?  You can see the squeeze points that would make motorists anxious.
Just passing this along.  A cyclist has died up a Truckee apparently in a roundabout intersection.  RGJ has the story here.  Roundabouts can be tricky for cyclists because you never know if motorists are going to recognize their right to have space in the driving lanes.

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Joe B said...

This is one of the places where a cyclist must act like a car. Taking the center of the lane prior to entering the roundabout keeps drivers from squeezing you. Although, running the bike lane into a curb, just prior to entry into the roundabout, is pretty poor planning. I can see how a cyclist might get themselves into trouble at an intersection like this. My thoughts and prayers go out to the cyclist and the family.