Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mountain Bike Museum Exhibit

Sadly I missed this exhibit over the summer in Lincoln, NE.  I was back this past weekend visiting my alma mater for the Michigan vs. NU football game and noticed the flyers up around one of my favorite bike shops, Monkey Wrench Cycles.   Luckily, the shop supplied many of the bikes for the exhibit and they were all available to ogle.  Here are a few shots from the Monkey Wrench site as well as a modern fat tired bike that would probably be pretty darn fun in the snow and slush of the midwest.

While mountain biking is a popular pastime for thrill-seekers today, it was relatively unheard of until the mid-1980s. Before then, a few industrious daredevils in Marin County, California, built custom bikes to zoom around the mountainous terrain where they lived. These visionary individuals combined engineering ingenuity with an artistic eye, using found parts to create durable bicycles that could withstand the bumps and tumbles of downhill racing. This summer, some of these early mountain bikes, on loan from the Monkey Wrench collection, will be on view in the Great Hall.

A few shots of bikes from the exhibit but this link has much more from the collection worth checking out.

Charlie Cunningham Indian

1984 Ibis Cycles Custom

1983 Tom Ritchey Commando

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