Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bicycle Fixation

I happened upon this little documentary on Netflix and have been pleasantly surprised at the high quality of the film.   Surprised only because I'm not exceedingly interested in the fixed gear bike scene (in fact I feel like it's been on the wane for several years).  I certainly enjoyed my time with my Bianchi Pista, Pinarello track bike, and my Milwaukee Orange One.  But in the end felt like a dedicated bike for fixed gear riding just wasn't for me.  Perhaps one day I'll change my mind but for now, shifting gears is good.

That being said, this film is really nicely filmed and has great footage of urban riding.  I'd urge anybody interested in city cycling to check it out.  It's a short 50 minutes and available as I said on Netflix streaming.


Scott Hall said...

I think I saw the build up, pre-release of this show two years back. Basically SF hard core fixies going down to So Cal to take on the flat landers. Drunkenness, sick riding and hilarity ensues.

James said...

Ha! Definitely one for the -must watch list!